New Molecular Solutions in Research and Development for Innovative Drugs

Progenika Biopharma S.A.

Progenika SA

Progenika Biopharma S.A., a pioneer in the field of Personalized Medicine, since its foundation in 2000, has been constantly innovating using the latest technologies.

Our main objective is the development, production and commercialization of tools for the diagnosis and prognosis of diseases and for predicting response to drug treatment.

Progenika has made substantial investments in the development of our own technologies for the production of DNA based in diagnostic tools and has become a global leader in the area of pharmacogenetics.
Progenika appreciates the crucial importance of its human resources to its ongoing success. Currently, over 130 highly qualified professionals work at the company headquarters in Bilbao (Spain) and Cambridge (MA, USA), including over 90 scientists from the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries, as well as from prestigious international research centres, being their efforts the ones that result in a continual development of innovative products based on DNAchip technology.