New Molecular Solutions in Research and Development for Innovative Drugs

Section for Bioinformatics, Medical University Innsbruck (MUI)

Section for Bioinformatics, Medical University Innsbruck (MUI)

Like every university, Innsbruck Medical University is most associated with research, which is one of its three core activities. The research teams achieve results in both theoretical departments and clinical practice.

  • Oncology
  • Neurosciences
  • Genetics, epigenetics and genomics
  • Infectiology, immunology & organ and tissue transplant

Scientific research is also carried out in other areas at Innsbruck Medical University. Our researchers assert themselves well in this extremely competitive field and obtain funding both on a national and international scale.

A series of research projects supported by the Science Fund (FWF), the National Bank and the European Union bear testimony to our success. In addition, Innsbruck Medical University is involved in numerous international partnerships. Our employees participate in countless international networks and research partnerships as well as in appropriate scientific societies.
The Research Service Centre helps our scientists promote and carry out various research projects. Our research is regularly evaluated according to strict criteria and presented in the form of research performance documentation. Application-oriented research is supported by the Centre for Academic Spin-offs Tyrol (CAST) and by the CEMIT project management centre (Centre of Excellence in Medicine and IT).

Innsbruck Medical University has various partners that support it in its endeavours to promote research. Important roles in this context are played by the Province of Tyrol and Tiroler Landeskrankenanstalten GmbH (TILAK), with whom the University clinics are jointly operated.