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The InnoMol Bioimaging Workshop: October 20-22, 2014.

It is our pleasure to announce the second workshop organized by the EU FP7 project InnoMol.

Because of the great interest and a large number of participants, the lectures will be held at the premises of the Institute of Physics (Bijenička 46; 250 m from the RBI main entrance (3 min-walk).

Therefore, for those of you who will arrive by bus, there is a photo showing the main entrances of both Institutes and the walking direction. There will be a number of signs helping you to find the way and there will also be someone from the organizing board to help you.

The main goal of the Bioimaging Workshop is to provide a comprehensive overview of contemporary methods of advanced light microscopy and their applications in cell biology, microbiology and virology. Selected aspects of correlated electron microscopy, in vivo imaging approaches, and certain advanced topics of transmission electron microscopy will also be covered.

The workshop will host prominent lecturers and cover the following general topics

  • Fundamentals of advanced light microscopy techniques, with the focus on confocal laser scanning microscopy
  • Application examples presented by leading scientists from top-notch European research institutions
  • Image analysis in modern cell biology, with the extension to systems biology

Demonstrations and hands-on sessions will be provided on

  • Modern confocal laser scanning microscopy - state-of-the-art instrument available on site
  • Image analysis in cell biology - appropriate software available on site
  • Further details will be provided soon.

There will be no registration fee for the attendees. The workshop is primarily intended for Postdoctoral Researchers and PhD students. Nevertheless, other participants are welcome.

The official language of the Workshop is English.

Workshop presentations

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Registration for the Bioimaging Workshop is open until Friday 10. October 2014.


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