New Molecular Solutions in Research and Development for Innovative Drugs



The European Union attributes great importance for exploring new ways to overcome challenges to modern health care. Challenges represent: cancer, autoimmune diseases, degenerative diseases, infectious diseases, chronic diseases, viruses, and many others.

Basis for InnoMol is the combination of RBI resources and experts as well as networking infrastructures between work groups and Departments in order to create an innovative and productive research pipeline for the Molecular Biosciences.

As our goals are oriented to the future development of possible diagnostic, preventive and/or therapeutic approaches for the major diseases of the world, it is essential to have access to a centre of excellence that can provide the cross-functional and project-oriented alignment of resources and expertise along the value chain leading towards an innovative product.

Project Objectives

  • Stimulate the realisation of the full research potential of RBI by unlocking and developing emerging excellence in the Molecular Biosciences
  • Help RBI to become a dynamic leader in Molecular Bioscience research in South Eastern Europe
  • Help to strengthen the capacities of RBI researchers to successfully participate in research activities at the Community level, including FP7 and Horizon 2020.
  • Contribute to new innovative avenues for R&D in Croatia and the region
  • Stimulate the realisation of synergies with European initiatives related to InnoMol such as the European Technology Platforms (ETPs)
  • Help to forge strategic partnerships between RBI and appropriate SMEs
  • Raise awareness for the use of innovative technology for improved R&D
  • Stimulate the realisation of sustainability after project completion


An efficient manner in which to address this general problem is through the establishment of a multidisciplinary research pipeline. Towards that end, strategic milestones have been met very recently through success in negotiating European community funded grant implemented within the Instrument for precession assistance (IPA). Newly acquired infrastructure for custom microarray production and analysis represents a major leap for capabilities towards applied biomedical research.

The fully assembled research pipeline will enable inter- and multidisciplinary research in the field of Molecular Biosciences with focus on DNA-Protein, Protein-Protein, Protein-RNA, DNA-RNA and DNA-DNA interactions, and a majority of these fields is targeted by the FP7 HEALTH theme.

Such pipeline will enable elucidation of molecular processes in health and disease from different angles using a variety of molecular approaches, and thus increase innovation potential in order to contribute to new avenues of Molecular Biosciences research.

Expected Results and Impacts

InnoMol will establish a core of a think-tank to combine the best knowledge of the three worlds "Medicine", "Biology" and "Chemistry" providing multi-scale molecular solutions to derive predictive, quantitative and practical models for biological systems. Strong bioinformatics support will provide cohesion within the research pipeline, and thus maximise its output by unlocking data generated by high-throughput applications such as microarrays and mass spectrometry.