New Molecular Solutions in Research and Development for Innovative Drugs

Methodolgy and Work Packages

Activities are organised through 7 work packages, standing for, Recruitment (WP1), Exchange & Secondments (WP2), Equipment Implementation & Exploitation (WP3), IPR Management (WP4), Dissemination &Visibility Activities (WP5), Management (WP6) and InnoMol Ex-Post Evaluation (WP7). The Project has duration of 36 months with additional 6 months for the Ex-Post Evaluation process.

WP1 - Recruitment

WP1 organises advertisement for available job positions, and coordinates recruitment of 7 experienced researchers.

WP2 - Exchange & Secondments

WP2 is in charge of organization and monitoring of secondments during the project, both outgoing and incoming.

WP3 - Equipment Implementation & Exploitation

WP3 organizes purchase and installation of the approved equipment.

WP4 - IPR Management

WP4 assures IP training and update of competences with the help of newly recruited innovation manager.

WP5 - Dissemination & Visibility Activities

WP5 organises workshops and conferences and engages in dissemination activities.

WP6 - Project Management

WP6 unifies all management activities, links together the project components and maintains communications with the Commission.

WP7 - Ex-Post Evaluation

WP7 coordinates an international independent expert evaluation of InnoMol overall research quality and capability.